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White teeth, Colored Teeth!

March 2, 2017 by Dr E. Edward Azab

Outward looks and appearances say a whole lot about you and matter much in first impression notes. White teeth, Colored Teeth! Even while it may look as if colored teeth are a permanent defect, it can be corrected courtesy of modern-day technologies. It is the dream of every individual to have shiny white teeth. If you have lived your life with teeth that are stained, yellow and discolored that hinders you from smiling or going out with friends, I am pleased to let you know that you can now have the desired white teeth and smile your way to a pleasant life. But before talking on how to have sparkling white teeth, it is important to first understand how teeth coloration occurs and the factors causing it.

Causes of teeth coloration

While we were young, our teeth were coated with strong natural enamel that is akin to porcelain. This helped to prevent and protect our teeth from decay and cavities. However as we become older, the enamel starts to fade away gradually and in the long run, becomes clear. Once this occurs, a yellowish coloration starts to appear on your teeth which make them appear dull and quite unappealing. Another bigger factor that causes colored teeth is the cracks that have taken place over time. This makes the enamel to wear off, resulting in stains and cavities.

Factors contributing to teeth coloration

Several factors are considered to be contributing to the coloration of our teeth. A few of these include:

1. The food we take in – consuming highly pigmented meals like cherries and blueberries, eating junks etc

2. The drink we take, like coffee, tea and red wine etc

3. Cigarette smoking-This is a huge factor in causing discolored teeth as well as bad breath.

Others may include taken high quantities of supplements or medications, environmental pollutants, and above all age. Additionally, the significance of consistent teeth brushing and the consequences it can cause by not doing so has been ignored for decades. Things like utilizing mouth-wash, which is also suggested, are seldom used. Many have failed to consider the effects of not brushing and now, have colored teeth which makes them want to smile less and refrain from being in public places.

Importance of having white teeth

Other than the health benefits associated with white teeth, they are considered a significant feature of a charming smile and a good personality. White teeth generally emphasize sound health and oral hygiene, and they bring several benefits to your overall outlook. Either in a formal or informal setting, the teeth creates a soothing feeling when you speak or smile. With shining white teeth, you can smile brilliantly and also boost your self-confidence. White teeth offer more youthful glow, making you feel more lively and beautiful. It can be a symbol of attractiveness, wealth and general body care. To be remarkably confident with your smile, it is important you have the perfect looking teeth possible.

Getting back your once shiny white teeth

It requires a lot more effort to restore that sparkling white teeth once it is colored. Quite a number of people you see today with dazzling white smiles took their time to properly look after their teeth. White teeth can be gotten through many procedures that are presently available. Depending on the severity of your teeth coloration, you can opt for natural whitening methods or more extensive technique. White teeth can also be achieved through regular visit to a reliable dentist like (Company name). (Company name) is a specialist and knows what is best for your teeth. They will first assess the depth of the coloration if it is simple or critical, and also examine the factor for the colored teeth.

Preventing further teeth coloration

Once your teeth have been cleaned, you must prevent it from further coloration. Some of the several ways to prevent further teeth coloration include:

  1. Stop any bad habits that may trigger your teeth to be colored or have cavities. These may include smoking, drinking excessive caffeine, sodas, teas etc.
  2. Proper Hygiene: Certainly this is exactly where you should start. Prevent the problem from occurring so you will not have anything to fret about in the end. Brushing your teeth regularly is essential to maintaining the white teeth you have.
  3. Get your teeth regularly checked – Similar to how you would look after your body, your teeth need regular checkups too.

Conclusively, if you hold your smiles because you have colored teeth, then you need to call us. You do not have to worry anymore when you smile because we can help you have the white teeth you always wanted. Contact us today http://skylimitmedia.com/

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