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Emergency Dentist – Your Savior in Toothache

March 29, 2017 by Dr E. Edward Azab

A toothache, one of the worst situations that you may find yourself in, is the most painful thing that may happen to you. In such a scenario, firstly, you need to consult your family physician who would recommend you to see a dentist. A dentist has all the latest machinery and equipment at their clinic and they are able to address your dental problem in a better way. However, in order to choose the best dentist, you make sure that the clinic is clean and all the standards of hygiene are being followed. You should assure that the equipment is sterilized and there are no chances of you getting affected by any viral infections.

There are chances that you or your child experiences excruciating pain in the teeth and you cannot wait till the morning to get to a dentist. This is exactly when you need the services of an emergency dentist. People normally visit a dentist when the pain becomes unbearable and treatment cannot be delayed. Dentists are professionals and you cannot visit them without a prior appointment. However, big hospitals have dentists because of the fact that you can face emergency anytime. Most of the times the pain grows to such an extent that you cannot move or there is no one who could take you to the emergency dentist. At that time, you need an emergency dentist who could visit you at your place.

If you are facing toothache or you broke a tooth accidently, you need to contact an emergency dentist to help you get rid of the miserable pain. For that reason, you need to contact us, Total Care Dental. We, at Total Care Dental, are a team of professional dentists led by Dr. E. Edward Azab. He has performed countless procedures throughout his career. He is a licensed dentist who has been serving mankind for years now. With years of experience in your arsenal, he is one of the best dentists you can find.

In the case of any dental emergency, you can contact us for an appointment. We provide dental services including fillings, extractions, removal of the tooth, gum treatment, tooth implants, and cleaning. We are currently serving patients from O’Hare, Norridge, Park Ridge, Chicago, Oak Park, Lincoln Park, Portage Park, Lincolnwood and Mayfair, IL.

We deal each patient with due care and try to come up with a personalized treatment. Since every patient is different, thus the treatment should be different. Your smile means a lot to us and we are committed to making your smile more beautiful by making your teeth beautiful. In the case of emergency, you can contact us on our website http://totalcaredentalchicago.com for an appointment. You can also call us on these numbers 773-589-1400 and talk to our friendly staff. In the case of any queries, you also contact on the above mentioned numbers. We are open 6 days a week to help our patients get rid of the terrible tooth pain and other problems.

Total Care Dental


Whether you need emergency care, implants, oral surgery, or cosmetic dentistry, Total Care Dental is your destination. Currently serving patients from O'Hare, Norridge, Park Ridge, Chicago, Oak Park, Lincoln Park, Portage Park, Lincolnwood and Mayfair, Mt Prospect, Niles, Schiller Park, Melrose Park, Skokie and Des Plaines.

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